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Why you need Facebook & Instagram advertising


With over 60 million active Facebook and Instagram users in the UK, you can reach your customers instantly and efficiently.


Choose from a wide range of powerful targeting options to connect with your ideal customer.


Tell your unique story with different ad formats, such as imagery, videos, carousel and canvas ads.

We contacted Just Found because we were spending too much time and money on ads that were not converting. They were able to optimise our campaigns quickly and we saw results in the first month. But they didn't stop there - our results have been growing since then! Thank you Just Found!
Aaron Tolley Founder - Trail Maps

What are you looking to do with Facebook and Instagram ads?


You're brand new to Facebook and Instagram ads or have run a few campaigns. You're looking for some help setting up or making sure your campaigns are running correctly and efficiently.


You’ve started using Facebook and Instagram ads but need help with the management of your account as well as expert advice on best practices. You want to grow your results and increase your ROI.


You’re looking for a specialist to make sure your campaigns are achieving the best results by implementing advanced optimisation alongside sophisticated technology.

Why businesses choose Just Found

We are passionate about building an agency that puts its clients first and now count many of them as friends because we work so closely together. It’s this relationship that means we go the extra mile to help you grow your business.

We believe social media ads are the most effective and efficient channel for businesses. Facebook and Instagram have given advertisers the ability to connect with the right person, at the right time, with the right message. Just Found are specialists at Facebook and Instagram advertising: It’s all we do and it’s why we’re so good at it. We manage the process from start to finish – here’s what we do:

Produce a winning ads strategy
We put all of our efforts into creating a Facebook and Instagram ads strategy that gets you more leads and more customers.

Find your ideal customer with advanced targeting
We can put your ads in front of the people that are most important to your business using Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting.

Create ads that generate leads and sales
We live and breathe Facebook and Instagram and know how to craft ads that get the best results.

No jargon, just plain English
We hate jargon and buzzwords as much as you, so we always speak to our clients in plain English.

We have a track record of getting great results
With 15 years of experience in social media and digital marketing, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to get real results.

No hidden fees or long-term contracts
We want you to work with us for the right reasons, so we make our payment structure clear and we don’t tie you in to long-term contracts.

We can get your business great results with Facebook & Instagram ads

The Just Found approach to driving results on Facebook and Instagram

Step 1: Research and Discovery

When we start a project, we spend time making sure we understand your business; your products and services; target audience and business objectives.

We will go through and analyse all of the available business materials, website traffic, previous campaigns, data and any insights gained, to inform our campaign and help make it a success.


Next we use Facebook and Instagram’s Insights tools and our own expert techniques to discover the right audiences to target for you. At this point we can begin to piece together all of our research and discovery to establish the best way to get in front of these audiences and how to get them to take action when they see your ad.

Step 2: Planning and Strategy

We work with all kinds of businesses and know that every business is different. Therefore it’s important we take the time to figure out the best strategy for yours. So that means understanding your products, services, target audiences and business objectives.

We can use Facebook and Instagram ads to generate leads, drive sales, get app installs or grow your following. The planning and strategy phase is essential in ensuring your campaign gets the best start and enjoys continued success.

Step 3: Targeting and Audiences

Facebook and Instagram advertising offers the most advanced targeting capability available to any business. By making use of the massive amount of data that Facebook holds, your adverts can be shown to precisely the most relevant audiences to make the maximum impact on your business.


This level of targeting has never been available before and it’s why businesses have been seeing such incredible return on investment (ROI) with their Facebook and Instagram advertising.

With so many different ways to help you find your customers on Facebook and Instagram, we are confident that we can find your ideal audience. Click below to learn more about the different Facebook and Instagram targeting options:

Location, Interests, Demographics, Behaviour

Facebook and Instagram have a huge amount of data that we can use for targeting your audience. Even the most basic level of targeting allows you to tap into the power of their location, interest, demographics or behavioural based targeting capability.


Location – Targeting ads based on your audience’s location, including where they live, work, or shop, is one of the most powerful weapons in the Facebook advertising arsenal.

Interests – Targeting ads based on what people are interested in is incredibly powerful. You can target based on what books they read, what events they like to go to, what brands they like, what music they like. Facebook and Instagram provide advertisers with advanced interest based targeting.

Demographics – You can target based on people based on their gender, relationship status, education, job title and much more. Demographic targeting offers almost infinite combinations which gives you the flexibility to find multiple audiences relevant to your business.

Behaviour – Discover people based on their purchase behaviours, if they are frequent travelers, DIY’ers, pet owners, or people who like to buy smoothies. Behaviour targeting offers a wide range of options to laser-target your audience.

Customer Data

You may already have some customer data that you can use to your advantage. You could use a database of customers, a list of phone numbers or email address, or even a CRM to segment your data.

Facebook allows you to upload this information to build audiences. This is an audience custom-made specifically for your business and is called a Custom Audience. This will mean your audiences are warm, relevant and ready to receive your ads.

Examples of Custom Audiences include:

  • Targeting people on your email prospect list with a free delivery coupon to encourage them to become a first-time customer.
  • Using your email subscriber list to show them your latest Facebook promotion.
  • Showing your existing customers your new stock in a carousel ad to get them to come back to you and buy more.
  • The most clever thing we’ll get into later – you can use the data from a Custom Audience to help Facebook find more people who look similar to your customers.

The incredible Facebook Pixel

By simply adding a bit of code to your website (Facebook Pixel) we can help you track conversions, build audiences and massively improve the performance of your campaigns. The Facebook pixel is a game changer and will play a huge part in the success of your campaigns.

Some examples of how we can use Facebook Pixel to help your business are:

  • We can retarget people who have visited your website in the last 7-30 days. We can even target people who have visited specific pages on your site to encourage them to buy or sign up.
  • Facebook Pixel will learn about who visits your website and who your customers are. We can then refine your campaigns to make sure we only target people who have similar profiles.
  • We can display adverts to the people who spend the most time on your site which will help you target the audience most interested in your business.
  • Record actions that people take on your website – Facebook pixel tracks if someone visits a product page, downloads a brochure, or adds a product to the shopping basket. This allows for deep analysis and further improvement of campaign performance.

Facebook Pixel is very sophisticated, easy to implement on your site and makes it much easier to run successful campaigns that can be scaled.

Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has the ability to find more people who have similar characteristics to an audience you have already uploaded or created – this is a Lookalike Audience.

For example, when you upload your customer database of email addresses to Facebook you can “find more people who look similar to your customers”. By doing this you’ve created a lookalike audience of your customers.

Using your own data to create a new audience can be very effective and usually converts very well. You can use Lookalike Audiences from lots of different interactions, including:

  • Lookalike of people who visited your website
  • Lookalike of people who visited a certain page of your website
  • Lookalike of people who interacted with your Facebook page
  • Lookalike of people who watched more than X% of your video

There is almost a limitless amount of Lookalike Audiences you can create. As long as you have data, Facebook can turn it into a new audience that will be interested in your products and services.

Step 4: Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads are often the most effective way to convert leads into customers on Facebook and Instagram.

If you sell products online then Dynamic Product Ads will be your best performing campaigns in terms of return on ad spend. They will have the lowest cost per acquisition, the biggest return and therefore cost the least overall. Just Found are experts at using dynamic product ads to maximise your Facebook and Instagram efforts and sell your products online.

You’ll already know about Dynamic Product Ads (unless you’ve never viewed a product online and browsed afterwards).


For example, say you’ve been on Amazon and looked at 4 different products. When you go onto Facebook or Instagram afterwards those same 4 products appear as an ad in your newsfeed. Amazon created a dynamic product ad and targeted you.

These ads are relevant, tailored, clever, responsive and convert very well. You’ll love Dynamic Product Ads!

Step 5: Copy and Advert Creative

Thumb stopping creative

It’s your ad that grabs people’s attention and makes them click. When people are scrolling, your content needs to be thumb stopping for your success.

Fantastic Ideas

We’re a creative bunch and love brainstorming ideas when it comes to generating compelling ideas for your new ad creative.

Design Experts

Being design experts means we can get our in-house team to develop fresh creative that looks great on all of Facebook and Instagram's ad placements.

Copy Pros

Wordsmithing is crucial to your campaign and will allow us to get the best click-through rates and best conversion rates on your ads.

Carousel Ads

These are awesome for e-commerce businesses or companies who want to tell a story. We'll test them out to make sure they'll be a top performer for you.

Video Ads

Video is popping up everywhere on Facebook and Instagram and we have found it performs very well for all types of businesses.

Dynamic Creative

We can test lots of different ad copy, images and call to action buttons all within one ad unit when using dynamic creative.

Canvas Ads

Fantastic for creating engaging, unique experiences for an audience who don’t know who you are.

Step 6: Optimisation

We strive to improve the performance of your ads by optimising them using our technical and creative skills. We have a very clear process in place for getting the biggest return out of the budget.

This could be by tweaking the targeting, increasing the budget, adjusting the audience, split testing the creative, or many other changes.

We monitor ad accounts every day to make sure they are on track and fulfil their objectives.

Step 7: Scaling

We have a tried and tested data-driven process that we follow for all the ad accounts that we manage. If you have an attractive service or product that the market is interested in, we can help you scale it. Rapid growth and high-volume is the key to successfully scaling Facebook and Instagram ads.

Step 8: Reporting

With any Facebook or Instagram campaign it’s important to find out who is buying, what makes them buy and how we can turn more visitors into leads and more leads into customers.

We provide monthly reports along with a status call, so you’re always up to speed with what is going on in your account and the improvements we are making to take things to the next level.

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